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Nothing puts the ‘kitsch into ‘pizza kitchen’ quite like a vintage Citroen mobile pizza van. Sure, it doesn’t guarantee you a well-crafted pizza, but it doesn’t half promise one. And being regularly parked up at indie festivals and the hottest street food spots across the North West – Manchester’s Guerrilla Eats your best chance of catching them – this counts double for Streatza, who claim to 'make dough go slow'. And how? Using Caputo flour from Naples, the food whizzes leave it to rise for 48hrs before stretching by hand, piling on some straight-from-the-farm-fresh ingredients and sending it into the fiery abyss of a wood oven, making for a spectacular base, enveloping a real chewiness to the thick crust onwards - almost to the point of making the tender Parma ham an afterthought. A tremendous work of foodie art which you should seek out immediately.

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The staple of festival food used to be greasy chips and grey-looking burgers. Not any more; today’s festival munchies won’t disappoint. Never before has eating your tea at festivals been so fashionable. Gourmet music-munchies for hungry punters are increasingly rivalling the drum’n’bass, rockabilly or folk legends on stage. A bespoke one to take note of is Festival No.6 (September 13-15), recently named Best New Festival at the UK Festival Awards and Best Small Festival at the NME Awards. At the picturesque Portmeirion music festie in north Wales, it’s a case of forget the vodka and tonics – Kraken Rum will be offering black, smoothly spiced Caribbean rum cocktails. There’ll be queues for Streatza, a mobile woodfired pizzeria and street kitchen serving Napoli pizzas from a 1969 Citroën HY Van.

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Streatza does authentic neapoliotan pizza, their kitchen including a wood fired pizza oven operates from a 1969 Citroen H van. All pizzas are hand stretched and topped with fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. Streatza also sells Italian street snacks including Arancini (deep fried risotto balls) and panzerotti (mini deep fried calzones) both £4.50, you'll find them in Manchester and Hebden Bridge.

Food geek awards

Our Nduja pizza was voted the 4th best street food dish in the 2013 food geek website awards, Here is what they had to say:

Just a few years ago there’s no way i’d be writing a review of food eaten at a festival. Thankfully, the days of cheap nasty burgers and hot dogs are long gone. Gourmet street food is all the rage these days and Manchester International Festival in Albert Square at the weekend was no different!
First I headed to Streatza’s classic Citroen van complete with wood fire oven in the back who served me the best pizza i’ve had this year at Guerrilla Eats King Street.They’d run out of my favorite spicy sausage ‘Nduja’ last time so I was happy to see the Nduja pizza on the menu and quickly ordered one. It was every bit as good as i’d hoped, the same fantastically thin and tasty base with a gorgeous topping of stingy mozzarella and spicy Nduja. Delizioso.I also ordered a ‘Napoli Salami’ (with added sun blushed tomatoes) which was similarly excellent. I said it last time but it’s worth repeating, these pizzas are just brilliant. They’re being served out of the back of a van but they put plenty of restaurants to shame

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The Eats - Streatza is a mobile woodfired pizzeria and street kitchen trading from a 1969 Citroen H Van. They are passionate about making authentic neapolitan pizza with their legendary homemade dough and Michelle swears it is truly the best pizza she has tasted in a long time.

Review by Richard Johnson: food journalist.TV presenter, Guardian columnist and curator of the British street food awards

A slice above the rest: Streatza refuse to do what the other mobile pizza people do - buy frozen dough from the wholesaler. They wont use a dough roller because it squeezes out all of the lovely air pockets. So they stretch by hand and are a little bit slower. But the result end result is a mobile wood fired pizzeria serving 12" of fresh, seasonal heaven in a takeaway box. And a clever name. Okay, it's not Jason Donovan, but getting there....

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It's hard to miss Streatza, with firey flames rising from the top of their vintage 1969 Citroen H van. Missing them is something you won't want to do anyway, so it's a good thing they are so easy to spot! The amazing team create woodfired pizzas, with dough that is hand-stretched to order, from their mobile wood oven, which fills the back of their retro ride. The oven produces the perfect pizza - crispy on the bottom, chewy on the top - and they are topped with a simple but stunning homemade Italian sauce and local, seasonal produce.